The Mayfield Project

Apple Education Leadership Summit, Singapore

CEFPI members from WA and NSW were invited to Apple’s Education Leadership Summit, held in Singapore in  March 2011, to workshop learning spaces with delegates invited from across the world. The workshop was based on the 2010 Mayfield Project’s Curriculum Group. Delegates to the summit were asked to design an innovative learning space that addressed, among other things, the role of technology in the learning environments.

Lara Mackintosh, Viridis Architecture and WA CEFPI President, and Fiona Young, BVN and NSW Chapter President Elect, lead the workshops in which delegates were Creating Learning Environments for Today’s Learners. Together with assistance from Alec O’Connell, WA Catholic Education Office and WA Chapter President elect, and Ian Elder, Santa Maria College and WA CEFPI member, the workshops encouraged participants to better understand the role of space usage and design in supporting learning.

The sessions provided presentations of various design strategies that have been used to create 21st Century Learning Spaces; hands-on design and create activities; and a panel discussion with the presenters. The outcomes of the workshops were not only the final designs themselves, but the experience of sharing. As evidenced in Perth during the 2010 MP, by enabling the final users and managers of the spaces to become involved in the design process, the sharing of ideas and experiences enriches the final outcome and the process itself.

It is hoped that by involving all participants in this process, it may provide a catalyst for increased stakeholder involvement in future projects, and innovative and inclusion learning spaces. The activities at the workshop were documented by students from the Singapore School of the Arts and can be seen here

We would like to thank Aidan McCarthy from Apple for making this workshop happen.