The Mayfield Project

Marketplace for Learning, Sydney

Members of the MP 2010 including Fiona Young, Lisa Horton, Dani Martin, Alastair Blyth and Claire Gibb, and collaborators Kat Wilson, Anne Knock and Nikita Notowidigdo created a Marketplace for Learning at the CEFPI Australasia Region Conference in Sydney in June 2011.

The Marketplace became a hub for presentations, guest speakers, group discussions, activities, student workshops, free expression and creativity during the three day event, as a complement to the main conference programme. Delegates of the conference were invited to use the space informally to make connections and engage with the conference content outside the planned sessions.

Sessions included workshops with Claire Gibb (Room 13, Scotland); talks by Peter Lippman (JCJ Architecture, New York), Alastair Blyth (CELE/OECD, Paris), Daniel Birch (Unlimited School, Christchurch), Sam Cassels (Sam Scenarios, Scotland), Susan Steubing/Cees Anton de Vries (RNR, The Netherlands), Alberto Treves (Abu Dhabi Education Council), Rob Small (Apple, Sydney), Rohan Calvert (Men in White, Sydney) and Woody Hawthorne (confernce app-maker extraordinaire, Sydney); films showing the creative offerings of Ken Robinson, InQbate and Room 13; a live Skype discussion with Richard Morris of InQbate in London (at 5am their time!); and iPad and Microsoft Surface table workshops with expert guides.

It was great to hear from so many talented people in short quick bursts and to get an opportunity to discuss the ideas of the main conference with small groups. We thank all our guest speakers and collaborators for their extraordinary input.