The Mayfield Project

2020 Mayfield Project Presentation

How might we reactivate creativity in learning and give space for lifelong curiosity?

This was the provocation our emerging professional Mayfielders tackled this year, in a very different Mayfield Project. In a completely online environment over six months, the 2020 Mayfielders workshopped, studied and explored how to encourage and develop more curiosity in learners and their learning environments. As populations age and people go through multiple careers, how do we provide opportunities for learning to continue throughout a lifetime? And how do we keep learners curious throughout their lifetime? The Mayfielders sought to investigate the role of learning within the community and how we might encourage, embrace and celebrate curiosity in learning.

In conclusion of this period of investigation, the 2020 Mayfielders have prepared an extensive report, detailing how designers, educators and facility planners can improve and enhance the spaces in which we all learn. In addition they have created the Creativity and Curiosity Guide which all parties can use to encourage more creativity and curiosity in any learning environment.

Missed the presentation? View it here

The 2020 Mayfield Report is free to LEA members. Email for a downloadable copy.

Non-members can purchase the pdf report for AUD$25 here