The Mayfield Project 2010

Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti, New Zealand

Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti commenced in January 2003 with 40 students and 7 staff. Student numbers have nearly doubled each year and the school started 2008 with 400 students. The School is situated in the CBD of Christchurch, giving students access to the wider community and a number of off-site learning opportunities including university and polytechnic courses, other schools, mentors from business and industry, and facilities such as gymnasiums and museums.

Each student develops an individual education plan (IEP) based on their interests and needs, in conjunction with their parents and learning advisers (teachers), which is monitored weekly against planned outcomes. Importance is placed on developing and maintaining strong, effective relationships which result in students being valued, respected and supported. Students are independent and need to develop research, enquiry and time management skills to complete self-directd study.

Students of each year are able to choose classes from a range of levels and courses. Learner Directed Experiences (Projects) eg designing an eco friendly house, a hydroponic mushroom business, organising a rock concert, ski-bike construction, jet engine design and research are developed through core courses such as philosophy, science, economics etc. Parents are expected to have a high level of involvement, and are consulted regularly about their child’s learning progress.

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