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We all know about the sorry state of education in this country. Over the last century society has changed but the education system has not kept up! We have antiquated education policy and a society that seriously undervalues education. Our current planning regulations result in an unfriendly urban environment that undermines learning opportunities. How do we change this?! We need grassroots involvement, and political change. This is why you need to vote RED in the upcoming elections, to Reform our Educational Directions!

Just think for a moment about some of the problems endemic within our existing education system. Schools are no longer the heart of the community; they have become fortresses and struggle to provide the exact same facilities within five minutes walk of each other. Buildings lie dormant outside of school hours and during holidays. What a waste of space and resources! Children are not reaching their potential if they don’t fit in to the traditional educational model, and teenagers are dropping out of a restrictive and controlling system that is perceived to be irrelevant. Adults lack basic literacy and numeracy skills, or life and parenting skills, or they see their career skills slowly made redundant as their profession changes before their eyes.

Worst of all, we have a society that does not value lifelong learning. We currently see education as ceasing after secondary, tertiary or vocational training. Now, more than ever, we need to keep people learning and evolving, to gear up for the Knowledge Economy and the rise of creative fields of endeavour.

Our cities have massive ecological footprints, due mostly to our trend of creating more and more low-density, sprawling suburbs. Developing new suburbs does nothing to fix the problems of existing ones. RED believes in a regenerative approach to existing areas, and has developed a Template to apply to cities and suburbs at any scale.

Break down the barriers! There is a better way! A denser built fabric, attractive and inviting, all facilities accessible within short distances, reducing our dependency on the isolating automobile, promoting sustainable public transport, cycling and walking – in essence, human interaction. And it is this social cohesion that broadens our horizons, exposes us to different opinions, and encourages informal community learning.

We must encourage creativity, individual responsibility and motivation. All individuals, regardless of age, must have the ability to pursue personal and community fulfillment through a range of intellectual, social and vocational training. At a local, state or fereal level, our society and our economic prosperity will benefit from an intellectually and emotionally rich population, equipped to deal with future chanegs in lifestyle, technology and professional requirements. You know it makes sense!

Our vision is that people may come to jodge success not on their car, or the number of their bathrooms, rather on their happiness, their input into society, and their human relationships!

A vote for RED is a vote for: A new Vision for Education! A new Vision for Planning! And a visonary management system to implement these changes into our communities!

Thankyou, thankyou! Vote RED!