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Dive into the innovative world of education with the 2023 Mayfield Project Authentic Engagement Toolkit! Our dedicated group of Mayfielders crafted an extraordinary toolkit to promote justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) in learning environments.

The mission: Empower learners to genuinely connect with their communities through authentic listening; explore unique learning experiences and foster relationships without adding extra burden on educators or school leadership.

Using the toolkit, you will discover how to:

  • Listen authentically to community values, desires and requirements
  • Develop unit plans or modules within the academic year
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your community’s uniqueness and needs
  • Conduct interviews and present findings to your own neighbourhood

The toolkit is flexible and adaptable for all ages and stages of learners

  • Unit plans have been created for both the New Zealand and Australian curriculums in mind
  • Supporting planning documentation is available to assist in using these cards as part of your regular school class
  • Tools can be used at any time – connect with your neighborhood, kickstart a design project, or assess your school’s infrastructure’s alignment with community needs

Teachers, you have the power to define and tweak unit plans for your learners’ needs! There are 2 sets of cards – Learning Experiences and Interview Questions, ensuring effective community understanding.

View the 2023 Mayfield Project Authentic Engagement Toolkit

Watch the 2023 Mayfield Project Conference Presentation, as part of the LEA Annual Regional Conference “re:Activate” held in Christchurch NZ, May 2023


The 2020 Mayfield Project publication, including the Curiosity and Creativity Guide, is available for download.

This insightful document focusing on bringing more Creativity and Curiosity into modern learning environments, includes a background to the project, literature reviews, workshop processes and a guide for educators, designers, planners and anyone interesting in improving curiosity and creativity in the places in which people learn.

The report is available from the LEA Store and is FREE for member and AU$25 for non-members.


The 2018 Mayfield Project Research Publication, including all research findings and outcomes, is available as a PDF.

It can be downloaded by all LEA members for free, while non-members can purchase it via our online store for AU$25.

It’s a fascinating and accessible insight into the collaborative process of design thinking and the impact it can make when tackling complex issues around innovative learning environments.

Packed with ideas and case studies from around the globe, the 2018 Mayfield Project Report is a valuable asset for your workplace.

Find out more about the 2018 Mayfield Project team workshops and presentation to The 3Rs Conference here.


‘Joined Up’ the publication chronicling the research of the 2014 Mayfield Project teams is available for purchase. With contributions from over 20 LEA members from around the country and across the Tasman, this publication showcases current thinking on learning spaces and their design.

To purchase your copy of this unique limited edition publication, please order online here.