Andrew Bunting

Andrew made a major and significant contribution to CEFPI Australasia. His leadership and passion in developing the Australasian Region, as well as the Victorian Chapter has provided the foundation for a sustainable regional membership.

Andrew was the inaugural President and Treasurer of the CEFPI branch, formed in 2000. Subsequently, he remained continuously involved at both an Executive and Chapter level for over ten years, also serving as President of the Victorian Chapter. Beyond those positions he continued to represent Australasia as an International Representative, consolidating communications and partnerships with CEFPI Headquarters in the USA.

Andrew attended numerous conferences both in the USA and Australia, presenting and engaging in the education-architecture discourse. He contributed many articles for the CEFPI publication, ‘The Educational Facility Planner’. He chaired two Regional conferences held in Melbourne in 2004 and 2008.

Andrew’s greatest contribution was his dedication and commitment to establishing a new CEFPI region, the first time CEFPI had expanded beyond North America. Consequently, Andrew brought the conversation at the nexus of education and architecture to a broad spectrum of participants culminating in a renaissance of interest in the design of schools and learning spaces.

Through Andrew’s consistent promotion of designing schools for student-centred learning, he enabled educators to gain ‘spatial literacy’, and for architects to better understand educational processes. He initiated a partnership with the University of Melbourne whereby CEFPI actively connected with education students to bring awareness of ‘spatial literacy’ and its role in the classroom.

This citation honours the significant contribution of the recipient to CEFPI Australasia.