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Our Annual Regional Conferences have been at the forefront of shaping learning environments for over 20 years.

Organised by architects and educators for architects and educators, our Annual Regional Conference and Regional Day Out (RDO) are the junctures where members and supporters come together to debate, explore and shape the future of learning environments.

They are unrivalled opportunities for professional development and networking, with a smorgasbord of thought-leading speakers, workshops, site visits and presentations.



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2024 Conference

5. Carousel - Amplify

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the Learning Environments Australasia 22nd Annual Conferences for 2024 – AMPLIFY ‘inclusion.learning.place’ in Melbourne, Victoria wedged between the Tennis Centre and the MCG at Centrepiece.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to AMPLIFY because we are shining a light on voices that don’t often take centre stage but still contribute to quality education or design.

In Victoria we have been pursuing voices that have otherwise not normally been the focus of education architecture consultations. We’ve looked at examples of effective culture, we’ve chatted with researchers and experts on inclusion and gender equality.

We’ve listened to those of lived experience with disability on how we can do things better. We’ve found tensions, clashes and arguments, unresolved issues and beautiful balance points. We’ve leaned into these sometimes uncomfortable moments and celebrated breakthrough insights and we want YOU to be part of this story.

In Melbourne we’ll focus these conversations across 3 days of excellent key note speakers and presentations. We’re offering masterclasses with world-class practitioners and there will be plenty of time for coffee and chit chat.

More than 100 new schools have been built in Victoria in the last five years and we’ve celebrated the most impressive of these in our Learning Environments Australasia Design (LEAD) Awards each year and are looking forward to sharing the best of the best on site tours across Melbourne.

You’ll hear from design teams, school principals and leadership on how they combine education practice, architecture and technology to produce quality education.

Click here to visit the 2024 AMPLIFY Website