Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips is well known and highly regarded to many in the CEFPI community, at State, regional and international levels. In addition to the many positions and roles he held at CEFPI, Jeff was a prime instigator of some of the key milestones in CEFPI and in particular CEFPI Australasia. In particular, these landmarks included:

• the formation of the West Australian chapter
• the creation of the Australasian Region in 2005
• the realization of CEFPI AUSTRALASIA

Jeff continually challenged the role of CEFPI within the design and education communities and his energy and enthusiasm helped to lift the profile and impact of CEFPI Australasia both national and internationally. Not content with this, he also challenged members to improve education facilities across the globe and to actively participate in the wider CEFPI community.

Under Jeff’s leadership, CEFPI Australasia grew both in numbers and influence. Beyond this, Jeff’s generosity and willingness to share his extensive knowledge and experience has been felt by those who have worked with him as part of CEFPI, and those who have experienced the spaces influenced by him.

Upon retiring from the West Australian Department of Education, Jeff maintained an active role in CEFPI events and governance at a state and regional level. His involvement in the first CEFPI Conference held in Perth in 2004, his role on the subsequent Perth Conference Committee in 2010, and ongoing role on the regional awards committee and international communications committee have ensured that the Australasia Region’s presence is felt well beyond its borders.

Perhaps most importantly, Jeff continued to play a key role as mentor and friend to CEFPI members across the globe.

This citation honours the significant contribution of the recipient to CEFPI Australasia.