Andrew Gehling

Andrew Gehling has been an active participant at all levels of CEFPI since its inception.  He was part of the initial group who investigated and recommended the formation of an Australasian Chapter, a driving force in the early recruitment of members and establishment of Chapters and an influential member when creating the autonomous Australasian Region.

Andrew has served on committees and Boards since the inception of CEFPI taking on leadership roles including National Secretary, Vice President and President, State Chapter President and Committee member as well as Chairman of the Conference Committee Planning for national conferences in Adelaide and in Darwin.

Andrew has shown his commitment to CEFPI through his promotion of the organisation in his work with the local Universities and also with the Department for Infrastructure and Planning and the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations especially during the development and implementation of “Building the Education Revolution’ where his knowledge and expertise in building management processes and in school design to meet 21st C education needs were utilised by the South Australian Office of the Coordinator General for BER 2009-2011.

His ongoing work with the CEFPI Awards as Jury member and Jury Chairman and his involvement with the Adelaide “Thinkers in Residence’ program has provided further opportunities for CEFPI to be brought to the attention of government and those involved in the planning and delivery of education from the early years to the final years of schooling.

Positions held:     Australasia

Region Committee Member 2000 – 2010 and again in 2013

Secretary 2000-2002

Vice President 2004 – 2006

President 2006 – 2008

Awards Jury 2011

Awards Jury Chair 2012, 2013

Conference Chair: Adelaide 2006, Darwin 2009, Adelaide 2014Mayfield Project – version1, 2006

SA Chapter committee member 2006- 20013


CEFPI Branding Task Force 2006

Advocating for Regional autonomy , Toronto 2007

International Conferences: Baltimore 1999, Toronto 2007, Design Share/OECD Barcelona 2005

International Strategic Planning: Scottsdale 2006