Lara Mackintosh

Lara has committed many years of service to LEA through both Regional and Chapter board activities. At a regional level she has been instrumental in the success of the regional awards programme as it has grown from strength to strength each year, and has been a member of various regional Communications, Awards and Research committees. Her dedication and commitment to formalising and organising the regional Awards programme as a volunteer has created the successful current-day system – so much so that numerous people were required to replace her, including a paid coordinator.

Within the WA Chapter she has led the organisation through many years of growth and increased membership and interaction with educational organisations. During her time as WA Chapter Chair-Elect, the current Chair needed to vacate his position early and Lara took up the acting Chair’s role without hesitation, then carried on as official Chair after. Taking on the role of Chapter Chair for three years must have been a big task and Lara did it all while maintaining a high level of passion and dedication for the organisation.

Bridging the gap between architecture and education by engaging in both professions, Lara is uniquely placed within the organisation to bring together our various aims. Within the WA Chapter she has utilised her skills to facilitate our symposiums, workshops and university sessions to students and staff. Her considerable knowledge in bringing together current educational concepts and architectural theories has created many opportunities to further the aims of LEA within the community. In particular, as the co-ordinator and facilitator of the WA Chapter’s last biennial workshop on project-based learning, Lara was lauded by many of the participants who learnt about learning design and LEA as an organisation. Her advocacy for our organisation through the universities and the wider community has been advantageous to our Chapter, increasing our participation in the education community.

Lara co-edited the WA compendium ‘Thinking About Learning’ in 2013. This written compilation was designed to bring together the theories and practicalities of current educational projects. Not just intended as an advertisement or simplistic view of LEA’s work, this publication was carefully curated and edited to bring esteem to LEA as a rigorous educational research body. Lara was instrumental in the development of this well-read and popular publication and her legacy has ensured that a second compendium is currently in production.

Within the WA Chapter, Lara contributed to the successful planning and implementation of the 2010 Regional Conference in Perth. Lara organised the awards and major dinner events, and run a successful workshop session as part of the Mayfield Project. Lara is currently assisting the WA conference committee to prepare for the 2019 Regional Conference.

Lara has acted as both mentor and participant in the 2010, 2012 and 2014 Mayfield Projects, contributing to the success of LEA’s research aims and connection with young professionals. Her strong enquiry knowledge base and understanding of current pedagogical research has helped drive the project forward in the years she has been associated with it.

As an ambassador for LEA, Lara is a devoted and committed member, and a generous mentor to both Chapter Board members and the wider LEA community. Her enthusiasm and generosity in providing both architectural and educational insights for our members and the wider LEA community has furthered our strategic aims, and provided an invaluable asset to our organisation.

Positions held:
WA Chapter Chair Elect Nov 2008 – Feb 2010
WA Chapter Acting Chair Feb 2010 – Oct 2010
WA Chapter Chair Nov 2010 – Nov 2012
WA Chapter Past Chair Nov 2012 – Nov 2014
WA Chapter Compendium Co-Editor June 2013 – Dec 2013
WA Chapter Board member 2007 – current
WA Chapter Awards coordinator 2017 – current
Regional Awards Coordinator 2013 – 2016
Regional Board member 2010 – 2016