The Mayfield Project 2010

The Community

Here are a few Articles used during and for the ‘Community’ Group:

Re-integration of Schools and Community – Dr Andrew Bunting (Architectus Melbourne)

Net Addiction ‘Doesn’t Bode Well For Future’ The West Australian 17 November 2009

Physical Activity Helps Children Learn The Examiner 22 January 2010

 – Farewell Facebook, Hello Real World The West Australian 15 May 2010

Language Limits are World Limits The West Australian 15 May 2010

Study Reveals Internet has Social Advantages The West Australian 17 November 2009


also a list of interesting articles, websites, links, etc.  (the mobile workplace ‘base’ network.)

The Magic Number One Hundred and Fifty:  Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping Point’. Chapter 5 ‘The Power of Context:

“Challenge and Empower Youth to make Positive Life Choices”  Beyond Billabong is a life and vocational training program provided for disadvantaged Indigenous youth across the state whose access to mainstream resources and opportunities is limited.

It motivates and encourages participants through the development of their self-esteem and confidence in a hands-on, practical environment of success and personal achievement.

Our courses focus on the attitudes and core values of Respect, Safety and Positive Self-esteem through the creation of a safe, fun and supportive environment.


Urban 45: New Ideas for Australia’s Cities – Edited by: Rowland Atkinson (UTAS), Tony Dalton (RMIT), Barbara Norman (RMIT) and Gavin Wood (RMIT). 2007.

The Urban 45 initiative crosses 15 themes with 3 proposals each for public intervention in each area, to ensure that our nation’s cities are given a central place in efforts to ensure prosperity for all and to revitalise our community and physical infrastructure.

The culminating analysis (freely downloadable from the links above) was produced by leading academics across Australia to produce concise policy-relevant statements that will be relevant to ongoing pre-election debates, and beyond.