The Mayfield Project 2010


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CURRICULUM CONTEXT – science society and environment technology and enterprise

PEDAGOGICAL APPROACH – project based, resource based, team-collaborative, constructivist, students as researchers

DESIGN INTENT – provide an interactive, flexible space to provide for a curriculum that includes environmental, physical, biological, and chemical science activities where students can work interactively with science and IT resources to build their understanding of the world.


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communication – prepare and present written and visual records of activites and report on their findings

apply concepts and techniques – measure, test, design and construct deveices and experience

information and research – research and record data and information

technology – use technology to record measure report research and present

patterns + relationships – work individually and in small groups

consequences + opportunities – opportunity for self directed projects

understand the world – physical world, natural world, self and interaction



understand culture – explore science of other cultures

interaction with others – work in teams, cooperation

creative activity – design devices, experiments, reports, video podcasts

growth + well being – understanding of human biology

confidence + self motivation – individual identity to be promoted

rights + responsibilities – safety, love of plants, animals, environment


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“enjoyed the collaborative apporach”

“very good use of perimeter enclosure to create learning nooks internally.”

“sustainability – big tick”

“great design – classic form – open plan / intimate”

“a really well conceived and executed activity”

“I want to build instead of keep talking once we have a plan”

“green – interactive learning – flexibility + fixed gives individuality and flexibility”