The Mayfield Project

Young Professionals Project

The Young Professionals Project 2006 aimed to raise awareness of new ways to plan, design, deliver and manage community services for a life of learning and to provide young professionals with an opportunity to work across disciplines and develop ongoing learning networks.

Architects, educators, planners and designers joined forces late in 2005 to investigate the benefits of lifelong learning in a developed greenfield community.

Delfin Lend Lease sponsored the project, with the Adelaide-based firms of Swanbury Penglase, Walter Brooke and Hassell each coordinating a mixed group of eager young professionals.


The Project Brief

The project brief was to investigate and develop creative ideas for a community in which everyone is a learner. The location was a greenfiled site on the edge of an Australian capital city – a masterplanned community with an expected population of 30 000 people within 20 years, including a business park of 25,000 people and a 65,000 m2 major retail centre.

The groups investigated emerging trends in education including:

  • Everyone is a Learner
  • Education at the Heart of the Community
  • Education and Sustainable Economic Prosperity
  • A Total Education Service to any Community
  • From Autonomy and Independence to Networks, Specialties and Interdependence
  • Education as a Business
  • The Impact of New Learning Technologies and Ways of Learning


The Groups

Thanks to the Steering Committee

  • John Mayfield, Danton International, SA
  • John Chadwick, Department of Education and Children’s Services, SA
  • Andrew Gehling, Department of Energy, Transport and Infrastructure, SA
  • Ann Gorey, Department for Administrative and Information Services, SA
  • Ian Hore, Walter Brooke Architects
  • Andrew Tidswell, Department of Education and Children’s Services, SA