Andrew Tidswell has been a CEFPI member since its establishment and has held leadership positions at the State level and has represented South Australia at the National level.

Andrew has made a strong contribution to CEFPI at the National and State level through his participation in government programs, and as well as conference planning and implementation.

He was on a national panel to assess a Commonwealth program for funding “Schools Working Together” program on two separate occasions, and has made numerous presentations to conferences and workshops.

 He has contributed to the International forum through presentations and attendance at several International Conferences.

 In addition to CEFPI work he has undertaken significant liaison with associations and organisations whose work is compatible with that of CEFPI.  These include the Department of

Education and Children’s Services in South Australia, especially in the implementation of “Building the Education Revolution” the Institute of Architects, the Computers in Education Association, the Independent Schools Board especially through the Block Grant Authority, and the South Australian Department of Premier and Cabinet “Thinkers in Residence” group.

 Andrew has been instrumental in assisting schools with their strategic planning and with design to reflect the needs of 21st C schools. He has been especially influential in the development and implementation of environmentally sustainable development principles.

Positions held:

 Convenor of the committee to establish the SA Chapter of CEFPI in June 2006

President SA Chapter: 2006 – 2010

Committee member SA Chapter: 2006 – 20013

SA representative on the National Board for 4 years.

Convener of the regional conference held in Adelaide in 2006.

Presentations to two Australian regional conferences and two international

conferences (2001 in Denver and 2007 in Toronto).

 Member of the CEFPI awards jury panel on two occasions.