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Mayfield Project 2023 – Authentic Engagement

Nau mai, haere mai. Welcome to the Mayfield Project 2023.

This year’s provocation centres on promoting Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) in Learning Environments.

Research Provocation

How can we design learning and learning environments that are impactful and beneficial to our learners? What connections could be made between design, people who want to learn, and people who want to share their knowledge? How do spaces empower learners, teachers, and leaders to create learning environments that enable agency? How do we keep learners curious throughout their lifetime in meaningful and relevant ways? How do we ensure that we are meeting aspirations and expectations of all, especially our learners? Ultimately;

How can we create Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) for all in both physical and educational design?

Provocation response | Authentic Listening

The 2023 Mayfield Project focuses on the process of engagement with all people involved in the creation and design of educational experiences. Key to ensuring both physical and educational learning environments are promoting JEDI outcomes is the importance of hearing all voices involved.

In response to the research provocation, 2023 Mayfielders developed a comprehensive Toolkit to empower designers and educators to Authentically Engage with local communities to promote JEDI outcomes. Click the button below to explore the toolkit:

So, how did we make this happen?

The 2023 Mayfield project focuses on the process of engagement with all people involved in the creation and design of education experiences. Key to ensuring both physical and educational learning environments promote JEDI outcomes, is the importance for all voices to be heard. The 2023 Mayfielders concluded that It’s all about relationship building. 

Relationships that make space for deep and authentic listening encourage mutual recognition of our individual stories. They express our unique identities, empower individuals to meaningfully participate in shaping their educational experience, and work towards growth and change together. Finding JEDI outcomes requires a close connection, kinship or whanaungatanga – building mutual understanding and respect for each other as individuals.  

Through engaging with each other cyclically and reflectively, we give ourselves the chance to continually learn more about each other, to build these relationships over time, and to challenge our own biases and predispositions.  

The process of engagement must allow space and time for people to understand and articulate what they need from their learning environments to enable them to thrive.  

The project focuses on four key stakeholder groups:

  1. Designers Of Space – including architects and formal designers as well as informal makers of space.
  2. Designers of Learning – including teachers and educators.
  3. Community – including whānau, family, and the wider community.
  4. Learners – the students and young people; those at the centre of it all.

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